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About the Editor-in-Chief
Dr Samar Banerjee is one of the experts in Diabetes with super specialization in gestational diabetes mellitus. After completing a glorious tenure in Nilratan Sarkar Medical College, Kolkata as Professor and Head, Department of Internal Medicine, he is rendering praiseworthy experience to the medical students in Vivekanand Institute of Medical Sciences, West Bengal. He is one of the Founder Members of Diabetes in Pregnancy Study Group in India. Dr Banerjee has held a number of prestigious positions like Chairman of the Association of Physicians of India, West Bengal, Vice-Chairman, Diabetic Association of India, and Kolkata Chapter and is most recently the President of the RSSDI.

Message from the Editor-in-Chief

As the Editor in Chief of Journal of Clinical Diabetology, it gives me immense pride to welcome all readers to celebrate with me the birth of a new diabetes journal at such an opportune time. With such widespread awareness and eagerness of clinicians to learn and inculcate new practices into their day to day clinical routine, the scope for a medical journal know no boundaries anymore.

Medical journals in the past restricted their scope and reach to a certain region, certain community and most definitely a certain type of medical practice. However, in the last decade, the reach of medical information to the  eager mind and the dissemination of information have changed significantly and it makes it even more important for each practising clinician to remain updated and abreast of the latest happenings in the world of diabetic medicine. It is therefore our earnest endeavour to nurture this journal in such a way that it reaches the maximum number of clinicians, keeps the reader updated in a concise yet informative manner and brings about a significant albeit small change in the way diabetes is managed in India. Towards this endeavour, we have formed a large editorial board that reflects the diversity of medicine today and people who are involved in the formation and dissemination of information to the maximum.

In particular, members of the editorial board are a crucial part of our peer review process. As academic editors they, along with a senior editor at the journal desk, take research papers through the peer review process in a way that we believe provides the most effective and fair review.

When I first discussed the idea of the journal with my colleagues, the obvious question was “What will we publish?.” Luckily the answer to this question was not tough considering the fact that India still lacks a regular updated, high quality journal in diabetes. So the answer is as simple—we will publish papers reporting a substantial advance in any specialty of diabetes.

As Dr BK Nayak has rightly mentioned in the Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology & Research,1 “Review or update articles by experts on popular topics are liked by the postgraduate students, as well as general physicians”. Addition of interesting and intriguing cases, photo essay or postgraduate section can make a journal very popular. Taking cue from the same, the Journal of Clinical Diabetology will provide a platform where the global medical community can discuss together what matters to them when they look at a patient with diabetes, how they encounter peculiar cases of diabetes and what they would want to share with their peer in the field of diabetes. For this to be a successful venture, it cannot be a one-way circuit of communication. Our editorial doors (Letters to the editor) are always open—we want your feedback on the journal, your e-mails for our articles, your opinion in our polls, your ideas for the improvement of the journal and last but always welcome, your high quality, relevant medical literature in the form of original research articles. Journal of Clinical Diabetology is a journal for the global medical community and we cordially invite you to join in.

As Dr Nazeer Khan & Dr Hameed have rightly mentioned in their paper on ‘Challenges in starting a new journal’,2 “Starting a new medical journal is a challenging job; it is teamwork”. I look forward to the help, support and inspiration from all of my friends to make the first issue successful. Keeping the experience of the past and assurance of the future and your active involvement as a support I look forward to the launch and success of the Journal of Clinical Diabetology.

To the service of the medical community and an informed reader, I dedicate the first issue of Journal of Clinical Diabetology.

Happy Reading!

Prof. Samar Banerjee
Editor in Chief



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